Books of cyrillic printing

Books of сyrillic printing

Among first printed Ukrainian publication is The Mineya, a church calendar for August which is dated by the end of XVIII century. It was printed at a printing house of Kievo-Pechersk Laurels monastery in 1787. Mineya is decorated by the refined engraving on a frontispiece and interesting illuminations-triptychs of the talented wood engraver ierodeacon Sebastian. The book is interesting not only from the theological point of view. It is enough to read the first page to see the contours of past historical epochs. The text begins with the praise to God and glorifies the empress Ekaterina II and other reigning persons.


Title page

Engraving on a frontispiece and illumination on the top page of ierodeacon Sebastian’s work



There is the original spiritual encyclopedia by Dmitriy (Daniel) Tuptal, subsequently a metropolitan of Rostov. The Book of Saints Lives was presented to the library by Victor Anipko, one of the prior archpriest of Kherson temples.


 Dmitriy Rostovskiy laboriously had worked more than 20 years (from 1684 to 1705) to create his multivolume masterpiece. The first and second editions of The Books of Saints Lives were published at a printing house of Kievo-Pechersk Laurels monastery. Later it had been repeatedly republished in Moscow.


We have the third Moscow reprinting of the well-known work (1764) of the metropolitans. The historians of old church Slavonic literature emphasized its literary, partly historiography value of this composite monument created on the basis of numerous Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slavic and West-European sources. To consider the artistic decoration of the book it is given out simply enough, without any cinnabars and special ornamental decorations. 



Mineya, June

Mineya, July

Mineya, August

Mineya, October

Mineya, November

Mineya, April

Mineya, May

The oldest ellinoroman calendar



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