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The brothers Hoshkevich were from Kiev by birth.  Three of them, Victor, Mihaylo and Leonid, due to the duress of living conditions, moved to Kherson at the end of the XIX century. Their father, Ivan Antonovich Hoshkevich, had a Master's of theology (1852) and was a rector of the Kiev Ecclesiastic Seminary ([1862]).  He was also known as a compiler of one of the first handbooks on logic in the Russian language.  He was born as Ivan Antonovich in the province of Minsk in 1824, but ten years earlier – his famous brother Joseph Antonovich Hoshkevich (1814), was the first Russian diplomatic representative to Japan, and also an academician, author of numerous publications about China and Japan, and compiler of the “Japanese-Russian Dictionary” (1857).  This work was honored with an eminent award – the Demidoff prize and gold medal.

All in all, in the life of any individual, perhaps, the main award is the memory of the descendants. The legacy of documents is an irrevocable source of history of our people.  Studying it favors the return of the historical memory.

The family archive of Hoshkevich, which has been preserved in our book collection, numbers 393 documents, which encompasses the period from 1834 to 1951.  The Archive contains biographic materials, documents on the economics of daily living, documents on service and community activities, correspondence and photographs of Leonid Ivanovich Hoshkevich, his older brother Mihaylo Ivanovich Hoshkevich, his father Ivan Antonovich Hoshkevich, his mother Hanna Ivanivna Hoshkevich (maiden name Velednitska), paternal grandfather Anton Ivanovich Hoshkevich, and maternal grandfather Ivan Ivanovich Velednitskiy.

The paternal legacy numbers 22 documents from the period 1843-1912.  These are birth registry notations about the births, christenings, weddings, certificates of death and burials, service records, decrees for awards, assignments for a position, correspondence and so on – of the families Hoshkevich-Velednitskiy.  An interesting fact – the grandfathers from both the paternal and the maternal sides, are marked by notable awards over their irreproachable service of many years. The Very Reverand Ivan Ivanovich Velednitskiy of the Kievo-Podolskiy Czarevoconstantinivskiy church was presented on February 3, 1854 with the award of the Order of St. Anne of the third level (Order No. 1143 of April 5, 1854). The priest of the Strelichevskoy Mihaylivskoy church of the province of Minsk Anton Ivanovich Hoshkevich was presented on June 13, 1818 with the award with the “Cross of 1812” (Certificate No. 16153 of October 16, 1912). In the clergy service list of the Very Reverand Antonovich Hoshkevich there is a notation for 1870 about his being awarded a nabedrennik (June 29, 1857) and a skufiya (June 24, 1860). (1)

The documents of the older brother, Mihail Ivanovich Hoshkevich, dated 1871-1913 number 43 preserved singles.  These are materials of a biographical character – birth certificate, a copy of a service record, numerous reports and resolutions about service transfers, notifications of awards, and so on.




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